About The Book

With Indestructible Armor, the author vividly describes the deadly encounters he and others experienced as private security contractors in South-central Asia and the Middle East. These were the life-altering events that ultimately led to the transformation of a “non-practicing” believer to a true Christian warrior and follower of Christ. This book radiates with exuberance and a penetrating degree of passion as it details the journey back to the sand and barren landscape of the Mojave Desert, some 7,000 miles from the crises overseas, leading to a personal struggle and “crisis” of faith.

Book-coverThere were many doubters during Christ’s time on earth that are chronicled in the Bible, perhaps the most famous of whom was Thomas. I too was a doubter, but God turned me around and I really wanted to explain how that happened. Capturing a thought or two from Lee Strobel’s book, The Case for the Real Jesus and seizing on Jim Wallace’s principles in Cold-Case Christianity, this book makes it clear that Christ lived, loved, died and rose for all of us!

Indestructible Armor is not your conventional hell-fire and brimstone evangelism. Nor is it a litany of petitions, invocations, supplications, or conspiracy theories. It is intended to be a light and a path for us to become Godly men and women and what that really means. It is intended to help reveal the love of God to all men and women, especially those in doubt.

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